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HyperPaint BETA
HyperPaint BETA
Welcome To HyperPaint BETA Have an idea of what to paint but don't have a place to paint it? You've come to the right place. Save Paintings Save Custom Colors
iWaterIntroducing iWater. Clean. Simple. And most of all, wet. A wonderful built-in display. A secure Touch ID. Up to 15 magnificent colors and 5 unique sizes. Supercharged by the revolutionary Apple W1 chip. Pairs beautifully with Apple Cup. All for the fantastic price of... $999! A parody of Apple's product pages: exaggerated, lots of big text, and of course overpriced! 🙃
ColdChat Client (chat app)
ColdChat Client (chat app)chat app in node.js using I've made many chat apps previously but I got inspiration for a simplistic-looking, console-based one from the previously trending "ctrl chat" (by @blockowo). I felt bad about its many serious security flaws and literally zero validation. Seeing it get destroyed by exploiters made me want to start working on a secure chat app with validation, backend word filters, powerful anti-spam, and a proper account system. So far I've only made the basic security infrastructure and a simple layout, plus a powerful anti spam. This of course isn't finished and there are PLENTY of updates planned and coming soon.
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