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**Gush** is a dungeon brawler game built with [Kaboom.js]( on []( for a [ contest]( **Features:** - Seven playable characters & unique weapons - A dozen+ enemy types - A dozen+ levels, big and small - Scripted fights within levels - A scripted boss level - Collectible coins; unlockable characters - Flasks: restore HP, give shields or DEADLY BURPS - Chests: coins, flasks, nothing, or something else... - Secrets! **How to play:** _Use a gamepad for the best experience._ Or, use keyboard & mouse, or keyboard alone. Some weapons can shoot: aim with right stick or mouse. _**Play in a new window for best performance & progress saving!**_ - *Gamepad:* Left stick to move, bottom button to attack, right button to burp. - *Keyboard & mouse:* WASD (or arrows) to move, SPACE to attack (or left click), B to burp (or right click). See the README or [Github]( for more.
Open on Replit