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[GAME] 2048 in Python
This is a 2048 I built in Python. Press WASD or arrow keys to play. **Post your scores in the comments!** ### Leaderboard - @211146 8518 - @CodersXD...
YuAndy (74)
Build Your Own Maze Game in Python!
# Make Your Own Maze Game in Python Shell! Hi! This is a tutorial on how to make a maze game (and more!) in Python! Some functions are from my previou...
YuAndy (74)
SATISFYING Animation of Bouncing Balls
Here's a randomly generated animation of a bunch of bouncy balls made with Python Turtle. There's really not much to say. Just watch the animation. I...
YuAndy (74)
Hi! Previously, I made [Blue Square Adventures](https://repl.it/talk/share/Game-Blue-Square-Adventures/77489), and this is an upgraded version of it!...
YuAndy (74)
[GAME] How Long Can You Survive?
LEADERBOARD: @Barry123 6117 @YuAndy 3837 @XxStabberXx 3826 @AZ7 2267 How to Play: - You are the blue square - WASD to move - Avoid the infecti...
YuAndy (74)
[GAME] Plumber: a Puzzle!
### How to Play - Use WASD to move. - When on a pipe, you can use space to change the pipe. - Connect all the pipes to pass a level. - There are 5 lev...
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[GAME] HangMan in Python!
This is just something I made a while ago and it’s a nice and easy hangman. Just press the letter you guessed on your keyboard. ### Have Fun!
YuAndy (74)
[Game] Blue Square Adventures
Hi! I’ve just started coding due to lockdown, and here is one of my most recent games I’ve worked on with AlexAnubis and Barry123. **Press a to go le...
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Post Must Not Be Spam
![14C46779-58A6-41D5-B1D3-40B26F92D753](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1605052126550_2cc4a9f985ba604df5c69b0affcc47a0.jpeg) I just made...