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3 years ago
Pyxel support?
I just discovered the pyxel module for creating retro/8-bit games in python. What would be involved in getting this runRead full post
basicer 3 years ago
Yeah OpenGL isn't currently supported. Essentially we have two options: Run the code on our containers, and get the graphics/audio out. Pyxel is a platform that might actually work well with this approach because the images are small and have a low color depth. The bigger problem here is latency. From here in Cali to where our servers are, its a 49ms delay. That might not seem like much on paper, but it will make tight gameplay like a platformer feel somewhat frustrating. The "responsiven
VictorRajewski1 3 years ago
@timmyichen - are you talking about OpenGL or Pyxel? I think that if OpenGL is supported, Pyxel should just run, but can't say without testing it. I guess it might be possible to port pyxel to another canvas library (what sort of drawing primitives does support?) Not having any access to the backend I can't really get started on coding anything, but let me know if there's anything I can do to get this moving
hayaodeh 3 years ago
that means let's vote :) you got mine