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Talking Lee

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Published on Jul 21, 2022
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Credits to this site for the cover img.

If you're a fan/user of My Talking Tom/Talking Ben, this is a similar program to those two apps. I call it Talking Lee.

This anthropomorphic Russian Blue cat can get his feet tickled, he can copy what you say, he can respond to questions, and more! You can watch him fight Talking Ben, as well! He's an action master!

(Note: I meant to post this "Announcements" section earlier on 10 June 2022, and even the day before, but couldn't because of an error).


has recently posted pictures of errors with Talking Lee, which I have fixed.

Enjoy watching Talking Lee's amazing action skills! Oh, and have fun talking to Lee!

This repl was originally created 8th June 2022, finished on the 9th of the same month and year, and edited for mistakes on the 10th of June, 2022.

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