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Published on May 28, 2022

All the official replit events.

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Convert Images and Texts Into ASCII Art. Packages Used: PIL for image to ASCII Art pyfiglet for text to ASCII Art Update: Added Text To ASCII Art Generator Custom Font option in Text to ASCII Generator Added Unicode char style in image to ASCII Generator Helpers: @codeitfast @DariaScott Important So many users are getting this error local variable 'image' referenced before assignment Why is this happening? There are 2 reasons behind this: The Image URL is not accessible The Image type is not supported (svg, gifs, etc.) Note: Images are not saved anywhere
ColdChat Client (chat app)
ColdChat Client (chat app)chat app in node.js using I've made many chat apps previously but I got inspiration for a simplistic-looking, console-based one from the previously trending "ctrl chat" (by @blockowo). I felt bad about its many serious security flaws and literally zero validation. Seeing it get destroyed by exploiters made me want to start working on a secure chat app with validation, backend word filters, powerful anti-spam, and a proper account system. So far I've only made the basic security infrastructure and a simple layout, plus a powerful anti spam. This of course isn't finished and there are PLENTY of updates planned and coming soon.
EvolutionSimulate evolution by selecting for certain criteria! This simulation tries to replicate evolution by simulating movements of little creatures named "cells". A small pet project by IcemasterEric, this turned out to work extremely well!
AbigailLEICHLIT3 weeks ago

Im new here could someone help me out i have no clue what to do

VishwaTeja52 months ago


Whippingdot2 months ago

Hey drone, where can I find the results to the madeforreplit jam if not on discord. My dad is blocking my discord now lol so I need some alternative way to see the results (I assume they have come out)

SanjanaKataria2 months ago

learn coding free by CodeExampler if else in Javascript

DeybisCruz2 months ago


EdisonFredin2 months ago

its cool

Ov3R10rd2 months ago

Hey guys, I haven't been here for a while, and it looks like a lot has changed!

I don't know if you remember but I am the creator of Escape the Dungeon and Bl-ody Tanks, and I just finished the sequel, Bl-ody Tanks 2.

(PS- I can-t use the word b.l.o.o.d.y because it violates the repl guidelines smh)

However, the old method of sharing is gone! How do I share things now that the site has changed? Thanks!

MattDESTROYER2 months ago

Umm... @TheDrone7 it seems this program is being used by some weird bots for some weird advertising scheme... (Look at the comments below...)

Skiicats2 months ago

I'm super excited to go to ReplCon this year!

MBA93 months ago


E11iot1234 months ago

ayo what u saying

TheDrone7shared an update5 months ago

Hello, all replers! Wishing everyone (who celebrates Christmas) a belated merry Christmas and hope everyone is having a good time during the Holidays! Today I have two announcements for everyone!

  • We officially have an events page where all our upcoming/ongoing events will be displayed from now onwards -

  • And as you can see on the events page, we have a NEW YEAR BASH coming up! This entails a lot of fun stuff such as a jackbox party, a QnA with our CEO - Amjad, live coding challenges, and much more! Join our discord server now to be a part of an amazing community and participate in the New Year Bash!

  • That's it for now, have a good time and see you guys at the New Year Bash! Bye