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Created on Feb 8, 2021
Hey guys! Just a basic snake game - hope you enjoy! Any bugs, errors - just tell me in the comms and I will try to fix!
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Coder24046 days ago
sylashur4 weeks ago

Two bugs I've seen is that the bottom row isn't on screen with the default screen settings and the apple can spawn in that area, the snake can go down there as well. The other bug is if you press two arrows before the snake moves, it moves in both of those directions and can lead to the snake turning a full 180 degrees in one row or column and therefore dying.

purplesolid11 month ago

this is so cool. but one bug tho....when the snake touches walls , the apple does not show up

Solarbot91 month ago

I have a question for you

JacobAustin11 month ago

awesome game but sometimes the apple doesn't pop up

SilvermoonCat1 month ago

Pretty cool but looks copy and pasted from an article maybe just credit them but this is great :D

TheC0derGirl1 month ago

oooo theres a reaction button

HonzaJeBest2 months ago

It not working..

LegendaryWolf2 months ago

too fast.......

tanmaytiwari12 months ago

once i die, there is no circle after that

plant3jyyehejy2 months ago

Looks suspiciously like an online article i found a few days ago...

Snake Game!
Snake Game!
Snake Game!
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Snake Game!