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TFS cryptography
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Published on Mar 31, 2022
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This project/library was made for the 2022 Replit Hackathon, by Callum Booth at Terminator Fish Studios®!

It has been made to help you encrypt, decrypt, and hash strings, to keep them secure!

In 2021, there were over 1,860 recorded major databreaches according to, and IT Governance discovered 1,243 security incidents in 2021 according to . The attacks are still increasing and as technology and cyberattacks advance it is imperative to keep your data safe and secure!

If there were a breach in your database that stores passwords or sensitive info, it could all be leaked, and that is why you should either hash or encrypt stored data. Encryption is also necessary when sending data accross the internet.

With my library you can add an extra layer of security to your system, and keep yourself safe.

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My project for the 2022 replit hackathon, #madewithreplit #replconPost

If you can, please give it an upvote! My projects not gonna be top of the list, and I dont want to go advertising.

Other than that, just a fun little library for encrypting, decrypting, and hashing