Inferno Arena: The Infernal Dungeons

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Inferno Arena: The Infernal Dungeons
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Created on Apr 13, 2021
Last published on May 30, 2021
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SomeBoyPlayz3 weeks ago

wow this is like the best ever so far!

NimboDemi4 months ago

If you must know as well, I have no prior experience of C++; this is my first 'project'. Please don't let that affect me, or you, in any way, as I pick things up fast and can Google almost anything for the Inferno Dungeons project.

NimboDemi4 months ago

Prior to my edit it just wrote:

case 2:


NimboDemi4 months ago

That is the area at the bottom labeled 'case 2:'

NimboDemi4 months ago

In the pre-existing 'Case 2' section:

NimboDemi4 months ago

I have worked on this, but I don't have any context for the story, so don't really know whether this is the type of thing that you are looking for. Reply to the code what type of story it is, whether what I've done is good and whether I can help. If you have a team for this project, please invite me.

NimboDemi4 months ago

I have forked the repl and am continuing to program in a seperate window. I will comment any future code I add to the Inferno Dungeons. I believe we can get somewhere with this.

NimboDemi4 months ago

Hello, it's me again.

Let me apologise for my abrupt comment.

I have forked your repl and looked through it. I am true to my word, and even though you haven't got back to me yet, I saw something whilst running the code. It does get past the 'meanwhile' section, but is sometimes slow.

I already have some help: on line 84 of the 'unrecognised voice' and 'Miner#8324', it has 2 mistakes I picked up on:

1: for the magic substance, you guys put 'pyrocrytals'. if i'm not mistaken it should be 'pyrocrystals'2: you put 'touchs' instead of 'touches' on for the substance

If you want to add me on Discord if anyone has it I am 'TBMNGaming#6906' i believe, although for now I cannot access it. If my name is different, or I have any other changes, I will get back to you, either through the comments section, Discord or if you invite me to a team where we can chat/program. Like I said, please let me help work on the Inferno arena, I will commit to it massively.

This may actually be like a job application :)

Goodbye for now, I will continue to work on the Inferno Arena (through my fork) and I will comment again soon, with the code from my changes.


NimboDemi4 months ago

It gets stuck at the 'MEANWHILE IN THE INFERNAL DUNGEONS' part. Is this the unfinished hashtag? Please can I help code?