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7 months ago
My newly added won't work
Hello it's my first day coding and i am not familiar with replit. my plan was to make diff files for different lecs but whenever i add a file from filRead full post
OldWizard209 7 months ago
You can do it by using a .replit file. Create a .replit file: image And using that, you can past this code: run="python" language="python3" Make sure you change the file name to whatever you want to run after the "python" in the first line.
Bookie0 7 months ago
You have to import the file. So in, add from [filename] import . Change [filename] with the name of your file. The ` is for importing everything from that file. You could also just do from [filename] import [functionname] and replace [functionname]` with a function, variable, class, etc. Lemme know if you have more questions. Good luck! :D
NoelB33 7 months ago
Create a new repl for each file or import it and run a function inside of it.