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Enjoys learning and making cool projects with python :)
Reuben123 (28)
The Coolest repl.it project you've ever made
Hey fellow programmers, I wanna know what's the coolest repl.it project you've ever made. Send and share your craziest, coolest projects and I'll tr...
Reuben123 (28)
@Reuben123's Python Keypress Detection - The Basic Tutorial
Hello fellow programmers, Here is my tutorial for key detection in python! Using readchar, we can detect and interpret key presses in python, without...
Reuben123 (28)
Python Project Ideas + Brainstorming
Hello fellow programmers, *** I am in need of some cool and creative python project ideas. Comment your idea in the comment section. Please do be ambi...
Reuben123 (28)
Sound in repl.it, python?
Hey guys, I made this a few days ago. Can you hear sound? If you want to use this code feel free to. No need to credit. Hope you are having/had a g...