Kahoot misclick trainer
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This is perfect

Yellow Stone Zombies: An Apocalypse Game (300 Cycles Special)
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The code could be greatly shortened if you used more classes and dictionaries. With dictionaries, you could assign different damage values and other properties for weapons. With classes, you could create an unlimited amount of enemies without having to manually implement each one of their functions.

I also noticed that when you assigned colors, you used uppercase and lowercase assignments for the colors. To mitigate the addition of superfluous code like that, learn about the built-in lower() function.

The game was very fun. I really enjoyed your other game, 'Pitlife', and hope to see much more from you in the future. Thanks for the ride! :)

Ray Casting Game
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works for me now. my browser was just running slow.

Looking at it now, this is an extremely impressive work and I'm amazed that you could pull it off without using a huge built-in framework. This is [email protected]

Ray Casting Game
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I'm unable to load the project it seems. Is it supposed to take several minutes to run?

Console Chess - The result of 3 months of hard work - ♟️
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Good for you for not only giving credit where it's due, but also contributing to an amazing project! Thank you for letting me take a look :D

Stop Animation - Moral of The Story | Ep 1
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I came for a story and left with a lesson.

This is the type of content we need on repl!

Sanctuary Simulator (Beta)
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There's great potential behind this game. The only serious issue surrounds the lack of polishing and grammar, which is to be expected with any new game. I hope to see this become great!

Terrain Generation
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Super late post, but this is very clean! Your use of cellular automata involved a few rules which I'll certainly take note of for future projects of mine. Thanks for the inspiration!

Social Media App | MuseTime
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This is certainly gonna get popular. Do you mind if I dissect through the code with a fork?

dupl.kit - Real time collaborative text editor!
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r/place looking kinda different... I like it!

4 languages that can kill themselves
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Now I know what to say when I don't turn in CS assignments

Search Engine v1.1
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Very impressive!

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Wildest programming language idea
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Was that you're intentional or can I make fun of you @DynamicSquid

#WEEKLY binary arithmetic because why not
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Nothing to apologize about. Good rule of thumb, at least for large-scale projects, is to never abbreviate a variabale unless the abbreviation is universally recognized, like "pword". @Lord_Poseidon

#WEEKLY binary arithmetic because why not
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Easily my favorite challenge submission so far. Only thing that would keep it from trumping the other submissions is how difficult the code is to mentally process.

But I guess computers don't care huh

Another repl!
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Okay fine I upvoted

WSR Life sim
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You asked us to report typos in the same sentence you made a typo...

The sleep command is also a bit of an issue. You might want to use the flush command with it to make a more seamless transition into inputs so the user doesn't make a ton of preemptive inputs. Or, alternatively, you could get rid of the sleep module altogether. That's just me, though.

Lovely game all around, has potential to it :)

Abusing the Unlimited time limit
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After a few minutes of running, as the digit count changes come fewer and farther between, you get a sick animation.

Arrows! animation!
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This is a wonderful little program! However, text terminals are rarely a good spot for stop-motion animation. With what you had, though, it was amazing!

Pitlife 2
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Fantastic game overall! Seems a bit unpolished, but definitely a beautiful start.

Can u beet da computr?
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The sleep command is quite inconvenient. The code also isn't very functional whenever you type something besides an integer. You should look up how functions work in Python along with the random module. Lots of potential, though!

Lesson 1 Pseudorandom
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Nice to see that you've discovered the random module. There are incredible possibilities with it in Python, and you should really look into the documentation!

Shopping Spree
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This is a great start to your project! I know very little about Java, but I'm certain that there are modules that require the user to make specific inputs before continuing. That way, the program won't experience errors when the user makes the wrong input. :)

Stupidest project ever
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If you're gonna post something, it shouldn't require the use of files considering it would be ran through the repl.it development server. It's a lovely project, though. Have fun getting into coding!

Shopping Spree
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I think you missed a space on line 65. The program itself can't even run! @studentAlfredAl

DogeOS, A basic command line OS
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A few improvements I think you can make, although I bet you can find plenty more with some searching:

You seem to be importing objects one by one from other files, while you could simply import the entire file (ie. "import run").

The replit module is quite barren, and can be replaced with the import "system" from the os library. ("from os import system") "replit.clear()" could be replaced with "system('clear')".

The loading screen is quite unnecessary for how much time it takes, and it would likely be better received if you were to use a command like the following:

def scrolltext(text):
for i in text:
sleep(0.05) #This is quite slow, 0.35 is a recommendation of mine.

Of course, none of these changes are necessary. Happy coding!

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This certainly earns a like from me! I might consider making a tool to automatically produce these in the future, if you don't mind.

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yeah this is really satisfying