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3D Vehicle Physics Game!
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First thing I saw was this:


nah man I m out

JK lol, noice game with noicer physocs

Bruhify! A game similar to Cookie Clicker.
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You didn't hack it lol. You just used selenium to interact with the JS of the page and click the bruh button using the get-css-element. This is not "hacking". @novaflippers

🐍 snake 🐍
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Wow, making sNeK in a SNEK LANGUAGE. @LorenzoCampos

Pretty SNEKKY.....

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Wait, this much satisfaction is illegal....

So I actually finished a game for once
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If this game dosen't get more than at least a 100 upvotes, I am gonna cry

Lying about code
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Well @UnluckyFroggy , I am going to need you see this post.... and maybe even provide a reason to why this happened because this GitHub was made like 3 years ago when you say you started 3 months ago:

Moving background
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Dude, this is epic. It is cool and satisfying at the same time. keep it up. but... the code is from here.

🌟 CSS Solar System 🌍
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Mr.Merury looks like his head is spinnin' like mad around the chubby and cute sun.

Brute Force Password Cracker
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I did the 1000th upvote. @CyanCoding

Not taking any credit tho

3D Vehicle Physics Game!
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NGL, this seems to be an accurate representation of what the Mars Rovers will being doing secretly out there...

The Cube 🧐 [Personality test]
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I swear when I saw this:

I got a heart attack....

But when I went to my PayPal I found this:

And then


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The snek be like:

💣 Defuse the bomb! 💣 [New Part added!] [explosion sound effect now added!]
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Now this post is gunna EXPLODE The talk @InvisibleOne

Drink More Water
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live chatroom one liner! (1 line series)[no5]
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Python: No man scares me
@rafrafraf : I m 'bout end this whole languages career in one line...

Write a Python program that accept Seven numbers and display the Mode, Median and Mean value.
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Bruh, rather than making soo many comments, just reply to your own comment. @EmmaGao8

3D Vehicle Physics Game!
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@Rebelthunder956 @tussiez @adilskillz and @Wilke000 can you guys stop replying to this thread. You are clogging my notifications and my e-mail...

Slow css in php repl
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Slow css in php repl
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Umm, you can try to use in-line CSS. I faced this problem back when I used to code using Atom. You should try this creativebloq page that was extremely helpful for me.

Escape the Dungeon!
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This reminds me of "I Wanna Be The Guy" and back when Pewds use to make videos on it...

WHen someone follows me, i this bot messages them and asks them why they followed me.
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UMMM. This is pretty easy to solve. You can create a list of all of your followers and then make an if statement that if someone is not on the list, send him a message, and add him to the list. Something that would go like

list_of_followers = [# get this list(I assume you know how to...)]

new_followers = [# create another list of new followers that]

for user in new_followers:
    if user not in list_of_followers:
        send_message() # function that sends messages.

Hope this helps. I could actually make the code that even shows the selenium and send you, but I am sorry I don't have time for that as I am busy with school exams for the next 3 weeks. But, I hope this helpsanyways :) !!!


✨✨Big Python Tutorial✨✨

And BTW, you need to credit Udemy for The FizzBuzz challenge. I pretty sure that is from the Python course which I bought on Udemy. You may have bought it too. So PLEASE credit them... @IntellectualGuy

🧮 Calculator!
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Inspired by apple!!!!!

Dude i m in already i didnt even use try it yet

SortaBomber - Explosion Physics
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Wait, firstly, it says:

Assuming it is "Physics" with a "C", How in the "PHYSICS WORLD" does this make sense?:

Oh or probably it is just the subject of "Physijs" not "Physics".

Bruhify! A game similar to Cookie Clicker.
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Hacking in technical terms means "the gaining of unauthorized access to data in a system or computer."
-OldWizard209 and Google


novaflippers is literally using selenium to make this page do something. He is not gaining unauthorized access to it and not even causing danger. Just clicking the bruh button. And sometimes, apps like Google and Facebook go all glitchy, and that isn't supposed to be what they are made to do right? Are these apps hacked? NO

And BTW, I don't want to start a debate so this is probably going to be my last comment regarding "hacking". So yeah Peace should be happily restored for now.

Python 'Skittles' One-liner
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Copper, a open source programming language
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This seems to be pretty interesting @gearDev . Is there a way I can learn more about this language? Thanks

Portfolio Site
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You had 3999 cycles and I hadn't upvoted:

So I couldn't help myself getting you to 4K. You get my upvote XD:

Besides, the website seems pretty dynamic to me, mainly cuz I can never get anywhere near to what you have made. Pretty cool @CodingCactus

Can't get music running on Pygame
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@220208 @Rishan001 I think try doing this in a Pygame Repl rather than a normal repl...:

If that doesn't work and your code is correct, then replit is having a few problems, report it here:
Note: If I answered your question in the other post, don't mark this as correct @Rishan001