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MaxDonalds: The McDonalds Simulator (i use Nettakrim on discord as well)
At Home Students Code Jam
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is the instant fame guaranteed?

Time Sphere [unity game]
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@KENNETHTRIPP i followed this tutorial by Brackeys, then got distracted playing minecraft and didnt do anything for a few months, then got an idea to make a game, it didnt work, but eventually the idea for this happened and somehow i pulled it off

Multiplayer cursors!
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you can type stuff into the console

socket.emit('update',{'user':"hello",'x':0,'y':0}) this will spawn in a cursor at that location, if a cursor with that name already exists it will move it
socket.emit('click',{'user':"hello",'x':150,'y':150}) this will make the little ripple at that location, the color of it is based on the first letter of the user
this will send a message to the console as name in user

guess your password
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solid 5/7 i use this everyday all day

at first i thought this was just a joke but after using it once i realized it was so much more!
in "password guess" you play as an omnipresent being and your goal is to input words.
this may sound like a simple premise but due to the underlying themes of chaos and destruction it creates a really intense experience which really cant be found elsewhere.

my first password was "hello" which was beaten easily but while i don't want to spoil the game for anyone, its actually a really good tutorial, it teaches you the basics of the game as well as valuable lessons you can apply in all your other runs and allows you (with much practice) to perfectly craft an unbeatable password.


"superstrongpassword123" really combines elements of each line of code to create something that beats every level, while i wouldn't recommend using it, if you are having difficulty's beating the game maybe take parts of it to combine into your own password


Pixel Art Creator!
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guess your password
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extended essay coming soon

MaxDonalds: McDonalds Simulator
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alas, mcdonalds is a dangerous, unpredictable and mysterious place...

Time Sphere [unity game]
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@JamesGordon1 just use this link to play (or click the button at the top of the post again)

Time Sphere [unity game]
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@Hamburgr ill see what i can do tommorow, will reply here with any updates

[2] C++ Made EZ!!!
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you can also specify RGB values for ansi escape sequences
this can be done with
you can also set the RGB of the background using
(ive used ansi escape sequences alot)

The Fishing Game (fixed)
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@Orca20 i looked through the code and removed a few things i think could have caused it
sorry if its still broken, but im not too interested in endlessly fixing it, the goal of my fork was to make it playable, not perfect

HexAguess Game
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a "harder difficulty" that added in codes like #4287f5 would be nice

MaxDonalds: McDonalds Simulator
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so unpredictable in fact, that you got killed by something from a different brand entirely that isnt even in the game experience

A person
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How didn't this get so many upvotes?

The Warring Kingdom
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you could make it wait for a correct input to stop it crashing when you dont enter a number

value=input("enter a number ")
while not (value.isdigit() and 0<int(value)<10):
  value=input("\033[Fenter a number \033[J")

V example to show it working

or alternatively for buying troops you could make it so entering something that isnt a number makes it go back to the menu is something i made a while ago that uses both of those (its also generally incredibly well polished UI wise)

Random scenarios!
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While walking to the shops you accidentally summon Cthulhu, -10 sanity

the best game in the planet!
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the best game in the planet!
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good morning @potatojs

Repl-Customs!!! (v1)
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this is cool!
a "most popular posts" would be cool, also if you dont have a description it just says "None" next to your name

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there isnt a limit on doors
you can enter door 12 despite the fact there are only 3
you can also enter door cat

The Maze, but its cool
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@InvisibleOne i think @ChezCoder told me how to do it like 5 months ago if you want to trace it back that far

another interesting thing is you can use "\033[?25l" to hide the cursor and "\033[?25h" to show it

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@InvisibleOne if your wondering what its doing, its moving the cursor to the top left, then printing which overwrites the previous text, therefore the background blue color never appears
in usual cases (eg printing text) it wont work properly as if you print abcd then \033[H then hi it will result in hicd

Age-based Drinking Decider
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i guess ill just have to die of dehydration as im not allowed to drink

Fractal Maker
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fixed it

Fractal Maker
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@mwilki7 UUUUH

The Warring Kingdom
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@VulcanWM obviously you would change 0<int(value)<10 so that the <10 is the maximum of something you can do (also changed to <=10)

hi this is flappy bird but....3D!!!!
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in script.js if you put this just after the pipe spawner

  if ((frameCount) % 100 == 20 && frameCount>300) {

then the score variable will tick up one every time you pass a pipe
if i knew haw JavaScript worked i would also give the code to make the score show up but i dont so ‾\_(' . ')_/‾

Dog Year calculator
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wow scooby-doo is 217 years old!

My Reminder Bot
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@DynamicSquid @studentAlfredAl i made a fork where you dont have to put in your password (obviously it still needs your email)

My Reminder Bot
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wouldnt it be better if you made it send an email with your account (prob a throwaway one anyway) that would be stored in environment variables?
then you just need to input [email protected] and not your password