Gale King

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Yo! You can call me Glace, I like pokémon (if it wansn't obvious) and P5.js. I am currently learning ruby on rails. :)
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reminds me of that mobile game jelly cars

Learning how to game gaming gamers
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just started and I already had to updoot, idk why this made me laugh so hard

██ Empty ██
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wow totally changed my life playing this 🤣

repldm alpha 0.0.1 - direct messaging in!
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it broke replit for me, i had no scroll bar until i turned it off

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I really think this has potential, but it does need work. You're probably working on it as a type this but the game ends if you choose an invalid direction, plus it didn't do anything when I entered "s" as the character name.

Remaking IOS from scratch
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can confirm it doesn't work too well with a touch screen, but great work!

multi-player shooter game owo
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its down

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im getting an error when trying to play tic tac toe:
Error: The app returned an error. The error was 'askForInstructionsTicTacToe'

Pokemon Battle
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@ThisUserTaken its in VERY early development, but should be at least mostly done by december
theres the link if you want to see

Site wide project
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this would create chaos. having a 24/7 repl open, with tons people going in and out of it all the time, probably wouldn't be the greatest idea. if it did work, i would be very willing to help out with it but, i'm just saying especially right now with multiplayer in beta, site-wide project would be a bad idea, unless everybody worked on it from their own repls

Pokemon Arena
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i'm only getting "Hello world!"

repl chat: Integrated global chat for
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Does it cover up the multiplayer chat box when shrunk?

Empty lll
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oh boy, empty strikes again! 10/10 gameplay! Mobile App MVP
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Hurray! Its good to see this finally getting some large progress done on it!

Site wide project
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@RoylatGnail thats an idea

Site wide project
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@Steven_The_GuyT it would restrict them, and i was already thinking of the hundreds of people, that kind of why i made my post in the first place. but i agree it would be fun

Pokémon Battle Game
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dang, misty acts like Undyne. great. game btw! also you say there are 4 badges but list 5

CryptoStory:Isekai, Action Adventure game using Phaser CE
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really cool! maybe you should add checkpoints because if you get beaten by a boss(especially level 3) its very irritating to have to go back through the level all over again

Site wide project
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@RoylatGnail i agree

Site wide project
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@RoylatGnail true but still, with so many people on the same live repl would probably cause problems, not to steer you away from this, i would be more then willing to participate

What language?
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id go with JavaScript

██ Empty ██
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@mat1 btw im thatoneguy on discord

How I solved the Secret Announcement

thanks for this! i didnt have any time so i didnt even try to solve the puzzle

VOL 2D V 1.0
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good job! have an upvote, btw why are we fighting sans?

Game Jam FAQ
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@KatyaDelaney is there a limit to how many projects can be submitted per person?

Dragon Eye RPG
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A level 3 Dwaf started a fight.

did anybody else catch this?

creating a canvas
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@Vandesm14 thankyou, now my getContext is working!

creating a canvas
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@Vandesm14 if you look in line 2 of my .js file it wont take getContext

Sheep Clicker
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dexies blessing needs to go up more so you can keep going! and a way to turn off the music.

Pathfinding in Kaboom
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it would be cool to see someone make a simple game that ran itself using a pathfinding library like this