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Machine Learning
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Created on Oct 24, 2020
Last published on May 5, 2021
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SharkCoding4 months ago

wow, cool

MikeJMS89104 months ago

@HamishHamiltonS @EllisWI found two bugs in the code and fixed them. Now it should be working. I tested by doing all rock and the score ended up like 15-1 for me. The first bug was that I have a value to see if 2 values are tied as in what they would choose but I would forget to reset it so after the first move it would just pick random because it thinks that the play has two values that they would play. The second bug was that I mixed up the current and previous move and which one to add to the value. This one doesn't matter with only picking one move, but it matters when you play the game like normal.

HamishHamiltonS4 months ago

Nice concept, though when I kept doing rock it seemed like the only thing it didn't do was paper, it is still a really cool project though.

JSKtheLEGEND4 months ago

good.... but AI??

EllisW4 months ago

i dont think it works, i kept doing paper the whole time and it used scizors 3 out of 13 times XD

BrightSideSide4 months ago


mynameisnicolau4 months ago

very NICE!

mynameisnicolau4 months ago

Big code cook

TheInventor9995 months ago


IL2PG20216 months ago