Oreo Lover

@LuckyOreos (203)
I like playing video games and coding!!!
  • Generate mazes in seconds and have fun solving them!
  • This is a remake of all the Five Nights At Freddy's games as well as multiple fan games, all made by me, originally for another site, but now on Repl.It!! ALSO INCLUDING OTHER FREE MUSIC AND GAMES. REQUEST MUSIC AND GAMES IN THE COMMENTS
  • An awesomely addictive infinite runner type game written in ThreeJS. Based off a small tutorial but then blown up into a full-blown game. Be
  • It's Tetris!
  • How to play: Click 2 adjacent "gems" to have them swapped. A swap must make 3 or more gems of the same kind in a row.
  • This is an online "Would you rather" game! Features- 1. Login/signup/logout 2. Vote 3. Create polls 4. View profiles 5. Gravatar 6. Admin interface You can login or signup! Then in the homepage you will be presented wi a random question. vote!