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Gravity Simulator
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lol MeMeS
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Give me your problems!
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get a cat xD @Haaruun

Shakespearean Insult Generator
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I sent this to my English teacher lol

🍑PEACH🍑 programming language
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Will you die to Covid-19
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14% lol

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can i fork and mess around with it?

The third thing to slay all brainpower
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my brain cells have now died. i must leave because my brain no longer works. goodbye world. i going to see a therapist now

What is Your Programming Lanugage? :)
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not fair u just copied and pasted my code. -_-

Quick game I made
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Give me your problems!
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if(timesleeping == 8){
Give me your problems!
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Adventure Game
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fffffffffff @Guilty

🖼 Image Revealer!! 🖼
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π in C#
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"Animated" ASCII Cactus
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So Beautiful It Makes Me Want To Cry

About the THAIL project
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Well this language is built for math. The team has been working on tons of math functions

CoronaStream: A movie, tv show, and video streaming website.
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wow! very professional! will definitely use this amazing website again!!

Introducing offline!

this is so beautiful. has achieved something no other has.
5 stars

File manager
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How to Get Cycles
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The E Is Strong In This One

EcoCode: Competitive Code Golfing Online
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c# support

C Sharp Tutorial ~ Part 1: The Theoretical Stuff
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ohh ok uh i was going to do this later on, but the double variable has a special input syntax:

double = Double.Parse(Console.WriteLine);


Give me your problems!
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if(timesleeping == 12hrs){


Fluid Simulator - Google's Liquidfun
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ok so what i found is that you can completely push it with the physics blocks buut the blob slow it down pretty quickly. will that be cash or credit lol @mwilki7

Best phone
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omg why does everyone like Samsung lol

Multiplayer 3D
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