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How do you add spaces in python?
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Hey! Just press the space key on your keyboard :)



Amjad is Eminem. There is proof.
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enigma = amjad
amjad = eminem
therefore... enigma = eminem

they even have 4 letters in common

New and improved Multiplayer launching Thursday 8/29
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Some of these sidebar icons intrigue me! Also, can't wait

SCHOOL'S OUT! IT'S SUMMER!!! 🌞 What are your summer coding plans?
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Work on Repl.it mobile, build my Discord programming community. Hopefully learn a lot more

Give me your problems!
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My doggo is annoying whenever I try to focus

... wait, is that a problem?

What is the language you recommend the most? Why do you recommend it??
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My recommended language is JavaScript. Why?

JavaScript can run in many places, anywhere from inside web pages in your browser to scripts running in Node.js to completely standalone programs to even mobile apps! This results in a lot of flexibility and also means that you can write full-stack applications with only JavaScript.

Very popular
JavaScript is very popular and has a giant community. From subreddits to Discord servers with tens of thousands of members it's very easy to get help. In fact, according to the 2019 StackOverflow Developer Survey, 67.8% of all respondents and 69.7% of professional developers use JavaScript.

Large ecosystem
NPM, an extremely popular JavaScript and Node.js package manager, has over 800,000 packages and that number is increasing by over 400 per day according to Modulecounts. This is over 4.5 times that of PyPI, Python's package index. JavaScript also has amazing editor support: the open-source code editor Visual Studio Code has rich autocompletion and even inline documentation for JavaScript and TypeScript which improves the developer experience a lot.

New features
New features are being added to JavaScript all the time, adding even more flexibility and improving readability and ease of development. With tools like Babel you can write code with new syntax before it's even supported in browsers, and everything is always backwards-compatible. I would go as far as to say that many of these make code more readable and understandable than even Python.

As a second choice, I'd recommend Go. It's an extremely performant compiled programming language originally built by Google. It's designed to be simple, reliable, and readable.

There are a lot more things I could add, but I have to go practice the cello now. If anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment and I might make an edit. If you found this answer useful I'd appreciate any upvotes I can get.

🎉 Announcing about:you; !🎉

SMH regifting the domain you won for a giveaway I ran :P

Default name challenge
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Taking another shot, not as good as my first one: ExtralargeWateryFonts :P

Default name challenge
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Here goes... BeigeDullMotion (all done with CSS animations)

Hello from Repl.it's newest designer!
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Tyler, welcome! I'm excited to see what awesome things you're gonna make :)
So far file icons are a welcome change and already make Repl.it feel more professional. You mentioned interface consistency, improvement in that area would be amazing

📦Bundle Repl: Use Node.js repls in your html 📦
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Awesome! Have you implemented caching yet?

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@11level I posted it. from his account

Repl.it Mobile App MVP
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@HarperframeInc To your first concern - Xeborch is a public test account for people who don't feel comfortable logging in with their own account, and to your second - we need the Repl.it team to make changes to their backend before OAuth login works.

How Did YOU Find Repl.it
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I was looking for online web development platforms similar to CodeSandbox because it was glitching out on me a bunch. Repl.it far exceeded my expectations!

For my students: Is replit running very slow the last 3 days?
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Repl.it has been having intermittent issues, slowdowns, and 404 errors. From their Twitter it seems like their databases were being stressed, but everything should be fixed now!

information on outages (web hosting)
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I noticed this too! Static hosting seems to be having intermittent problems, I've messaged the team on Slack. Repl.it does have a status page, just click here.

App of repl.it
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As two others have said, I'm already working on a mobile app based on React Native! If you want, contributions are welcome on GitHub.

NOVA_HAVEN Unblocker
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This is actually awesome! Using a blank PDF as a callback and a bookmarklet for the key is super smart. Keep going :)

This example works
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Hey, we've unlisted this because it appears you had a stroke while writing it. If you edit your post, reply to this and I'll relist it.

Učenik Genercije
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Hey, we’ve unlisted this post - this is an English-only forum :)

Fibonacci c++
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Hey, we’ve unlisted this post - this is an English-only forum :)

Guess Your Age 2020 Edition
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Hey, we unlisted this because it looks like you plagiarised AH3973, I'm happy to relist it if you add more code to make it a separate program, and/or add prominent credit to the original author.

Please what can i do to run this?
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Hey, I edited your post to improve the formatting a bit. Good luck!

python turtle proplem
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Hey, I've edited your post to properly format the code. Good luck :)

{{ template_jam }} results!


How to redirect to a URL in java-script?
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@adityaru so do that. window.location.redirect("https://example.com/")

🎉(about:you;)Winner announcement🎉

40 MINUTES, cut me some slack dhwhwhgdjwjsvaj @enigma_dev

🎉 Announcing about:you; !🎉

@M4cs enigma getting #exposed #canceled

How do you plan your code?
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For complex projects I usually start with a "spec" document that outlines all the parts and exactly what they do. Then I jump into visual design.

Lunch Money Counter!
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Welcome to the Repl.it community! Good job, looks great :)
It doesn't matter that much but usually the name would be name instead of NAME. Keep going, and feel free to ask for help