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How Did YOU Find
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i use repl for point 6 but found it randomly on the internet. at the moment i have finished my first python game and decided. "hey, why not make a even LARGER game in lua cuz im smart." i just wana say my python game was about 430 lines, and continued forever. if anybody wants to see it i could post a link to it, but kinda lazy and sitting in global studies right now so. yeah.

Edit: here is said game. Sorry for delay wasnt doing much with repl during spring break.
I know my code will be sloppy but i did what i could. And for about a week from knowing nothing to this. I think its pretty good.

Will uncontrollable latency in the new GFX repls be a factor when judging the game jam?
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im browsing and coding on a bad* school chromebook. at first ti wasnt bad at all but about 30 secs into it it started skipping frames and had alot of latency. idk what is the deal with the gfx but im just saying what im experiencing.