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I dont have idea.
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you forgot the <!DOCTYPE HTML>, and the </html>, and the <head></head>, and the <body> and </body>, and capitalize <br> sometimes, and forgot the quotes around element properties, and use a hard link for images, and copied and pasted a bunch of metadata from elsewhere which is correctly formatted.

Guide to Asking Coding Questions
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@SPQR You can dodge the block by installing a VPN or installing Kali Linux on the chromebook

Feedback for git support + the new GitHub integration

Unlink from repo and link to another

👊 Live PewDiePie sub count 👊
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Hey, @mat1 ! you made one small mistake that now leads to a crash in the project, requiring a rerun. I fixed it here: https://sub-to-pewdiepie.grify.repl.run feel free to copy+paste or fork :D have a nice day!

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@Highwayman I would try it on a laptop on Google Chrome. Safari can be SUPER sketchy with both css and js in terms of apple's "only meeting the bare minimum to confine to standards while inventing their own path for no reason" which has frustrated me so much that I have desupported safari on some of my websites (that comes to mind: www.gam3t.in). Google chrome iOS app doesn't fix the problem either because both run iosWebKit, which is safari's core.

Web Screenshot
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@AtticusKuhn I would love to be a user

Web Screenshot
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@AtticusKuhn If you are making a web news service or something with this, I would love to hear a little about it.

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I'm not overly familiar with Polyglot. Is it like bash?
Beyond that, I would uninstall and reinstall the packages manually.
The error could be that your index.js node web server has an error internally that doesn't print because of the way Polyglot loads files.

Does Discord.py no longer work?
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This has happened to my python packages in the past, and it's never fun. It means that the discord lib has been either renamed or unsupported on the official python package manager, so you have to manually install the discord lib by finding the original discord.py lib file and importing that into your repl, manually installing the package from its original developer's website or a third party source.

Help please!
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of what course? What is the problem? can you link a repl?

I don't have enough info to help you yet

Favico.js Help
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You don't reference any favicon at all. I think you need to do so dynamically and call updates to the dot's content via js

How to save as an html file
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click the three dots, and click "Download Zip". Then open the zip, which contains the HTML file

Attempt of Hacker Game
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On the page you say "Mr Economist" instead of "Mr Economical"

🤖 5x5 Tic Tac Toe Bot - Taking 3x3 to the next level!
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Thats actually pretty cool, good job!

RECIPE GENERATOR (ew) Press Space challenge entry
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@jajoosam Will do :D thanks for the upvote!

✨✨Introduce Yourself! 👋 ✨✨
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Hi Guys! I'm Grify, a 14-year-old designer and developer in Silicon Valley, right near Replit HQ! I use Replit for learning new languages, practicing them, and for messing around with computer language, as well as for some interesting (sometimes controversial) projects (For the brave, see http://www.grifypack.ga, a comically bad website for a matching in quality minecraft 'textur' (sic) pack, http://www.countdownfreedom.cf, a trump countdown made with Sean)

So yeah you'll probably all be seeing me around these forums and on the Replit Discord as @grify#3855 if you need help with a web page or python program, I can always try to help :D

👊 Live PewDiePie sub count 👊
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@mat1 No problem! Thanks for crediting me! You have quite a few cool projects :D

📕Language Learning Club 🤓
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Count me in if you have a slot empty

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Dayton has Mexican

Where is the fork button?
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@haarers Depending on whether the repl belongs to you, I believe.

If the repl is yours, it shows up as a subbutton on the edit repl panel (opened by clicking the tiny pencil to the right of the repl name

If the repl is not yours, it shows up as a large button to the left of run

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@Highwayman are you using an iPad?

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Have you tried manually uninstalling and reinstalling the packages? Repl.it's package system can be a bit buggy sometimes

I just found a slightly scary hack to edit other people’s repls.
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@Highwayman If your school has it banned, you can get a VPN (assuming the ban is on the network) and if the ban is on the devices themselves, you can probably install linux pretty easily to evade those if you so desire

Configuring GitHub repos to run on Repl.it and contributing back
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Any planned support for other git platforms like BitBucket? (the one I use) or GitLab? (the one my dad uses)

(meme)when 2 people code at once on the same file | MMH DRAMA
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Me and @sugarfi trying to code at once on the same file resulted in indow.innerwindow.innerHiehgtHei