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How to Make A Discord Bot - Part 5

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AI, can't seem to get the code running
posted to Ask by abdulazizbakker

If you are trying to install a package,
you don't need to.
Repl has every possible package you can think of already installed.
Just do pip install tkinter or anything even github repos.

How to Make A Discord Bot - Part 2

What IDE you using?
If you are not using repl u can read the comments below.
Else Rely to this message with the Error Message

How to Make A Discord Bot - Part 2

can we report this guy, he just literally used me as an advertising space.
You only have 0 upvotes you have no rights to just steal my viewers through my posts comments.

Wont Install Package
posted to Ask by loganmdiliberto

IF you are looking to webscrap,
I personally suggest using Selenium or BeutifulSoup4.
I recommend this video

In HTML/CSS, what's the difference if any between a nested and a parent/child element?
posted to Ask by sodalover

Nested means inside something else.
So Child is nested inside of a parent.

My hangman game
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Is there a way to delete everything from a database?
posted to Ask by AustinCharb

You look like you are doing a big Project.
Can I join your repl?
I'm proficient in Python and would love to help!!

is someone help me ? my code doesnt wprk selenium ?
posted to Ask by ramazansavran

Overall I think that using OOP is an Overkill so I decided to Simplify it.
Here it is:

Emailinput = self.browser.find_element_by_xpath("//*[@id='loginForm']/div/div[1]/div/label/input")
Passwordinput = self.browser.find_element_by_xpath("//*[@id='loginForm']/div/div[2]/div/label/input")

Do look at Line 29: Passwordinput.send_keys(Keys.ENTER)
For Selenium, Enter is Return, so I helped you changed that.
After Looking through it, that was the only problem i could find

I know more than the basics of python .......and I want to start with django
posted to Ask by HimanshuShekha4

Your website did not use Javascript which is why You probably decide to move to Python Since you don't know Js

Run file other than
posted to Ask by HemaShah

To do this, you need to either comment out the main code or if you want to run that file with the main code just leave it.

At the start of, add this to import the seconde py file.
from <filename> import <filename>

Note: filename should not include .py
For Example, my file name is
I would do: from authorize import authorize

Next is running it. To run it you can call it like a function.
So in my case, that would be...
Do note that you can change how you call it,aka alias,by adding an extra line while importing it.
from authorize import authorize as auth
As you can see, I used the as keyword to make an alternative of running that file.
Now, it would be auth().
Hope I have helped you :)

How to Make A Discord Bot - Part 2

if you didn't see the comments below, I already discussed that withe the other replers

How to Make A Discord Bot - Part 7

This can be dangerous if you let them add any role they want.
They could even add the moderator role upon them self :o
Ok its possible, just go to the role settings and make those roles you don't want them to get unmentionable.
Then you can do this code:

async def add_role(ctx,role:discord.Role,*,reason=None):
  await ctx.member.add_roles(role,reason=reason)
  await ctx.send(f'{} given to {}')

Upvote this if it worked

How to Make A Discord Bot - Part 7

so you want them to do something like...
|add_role (role name)

Looking for Coding partner(s) (Up to 3)
posted to Ask by Jackolanternexe

Wht kind of forehand knowledge DO I need

How to Make A Discord Bot - Part 4

Im glad you are inspired to do your own .js series
Also, please go read up Markdown to style your post, cos right now it's mostly text.

How to Make A Discord Bot - Part 4

U think im trying to beat you isit.
lol, we specialise in different things

How to Make A Discord Bot - Part 2

@aceprogramer Did you install it in your computer using the pip method?
Importing the files by

import discord
from discord.ext import commands

is somthing diffrent

How to Make A Discord Bot - Part 3

Thanks for the Upvotes Everyone!!!
Please comment here if you managed to complete the tutorial.

There is an error on Line 15 of the code. Please help me while I try to fix it. Thanks!!
posted to Ask by Kritini2030

It works perfectly fine for me.

You should be using python 3 not 2
Try removing the spaces between the function naem and the brackets tho.

Trying output to read white space
posted to Ask by moonlitdeath

Assuming this is written in C++
Consider the following:

string itemName;
cout << "Give a name to the item: ";
cin >> x;
cout << "Item Name is: " << x;
AI, can't seem to get the code running
posted to Ask by abdulazizbakker

I was putting it in simpler terms for him.
Also you do not need to run a pip command to install it.
By doing import it will do everyting it needs by itslef.
Only in Repl

AI, can't seem to get the code running
posted to Ask by abdulazizbakker

You shouldn't use the code to import modules because it is not reliable
Try using the packages menu at the left side to search for the modules they need (can be found in scikit-learn\.binder\requirements.txt)

AI, can't seem to get the code running
posted to Ask by abdulazizbakker

Also you can mark my comment as answer

Why is my code being cut into pieces?
posted to Ask by TortillaCook

You can mark my comment as the answer.

KaboomJs collision not working
posted to Ask by OmN3xin

Obviously its in Beta lol

First letter of db key shows up in key error.
posted to Ask by catspython

You did the indexing wrong.
It should be db[question][0] for line 33

Why is my code being cut into pieces?
posted to Ask by TortillaCook

As Far as I can see it doesn't.
Try opening in Shell Instead by doing python in the shell terminal instead of console