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Created on Mar 8, 2021
Last published on May 6, 2021
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Yoplayer1py4 weeks ago

Nice yeet

MiftikCZ1 month ago

PLEASE ADD DOMAIN TO THIS, btw gj mega cool app

lavenderdotgov4 months ago


DeadWither4 months ago

I searched you up

MaxwellMaahs4 months ago

This is amazing! How did you connect to google?!

Oded1234 months ago

This is no that good, I tried it in my school chromebook and IT DOESN'T UNBLOCK SITES

lexingtonzastre4 months ago

this is..

lexingtonzastre4 months ago


lexingtonzastre4 months ago


lexingtonzastre4 months ago

this is....

ScientificGuy4 months ago

the search results and search bar are overlapping

hg04284 months ago

"Google-like search engine but 10x better"

Its really just google but 1x better.

Its worse than google, but you can't be tracked so I give it 1x

charzard4 months ago

make this an actual search engine please. and keep up the great code!

bennyrobert4 months ago

tryna make this the default, but it won't let me. help me! (google chrome)

CoderMadhav5 months ago

Fire but @hg0428 is right

hg04285 months ago

My ideas for you:By the way I can tell that you are contacting your api to get information off of google. So, its basically google but they can not track you because it is sent form your core api.In the future you need to no longer rely on google for all results.

LeviathanCoding5 months ago

Nice, but darkmode is a bit too dark

LukeTheCat5 months ago

this is so cool i might even use it instead of chrome

19georgew5 months ago

Wow! Love it

jcarlsontcsp5 months ago

cool! recommendation: add a videos page

RayyanMohsin5 months ago

It takes about 5-7 million years to load...

VitaliyFesik2025 months ago

reminds me of internet explorer.

Missingn05 months ago

"catch(e){ //Eat it. }"

well then...

ServeurChef5 months ago

WOWi feel so bad 😢😂

CookiecopterHD5 months ago

luv it

ontheroadtovote5 months ago

nice but could have more search results.also add a videos section, books section,and shopping section

vipprocoder5 months ago

Amazing dude, keep up the good work!

TimeDragon5 months ago


patelr5 months ago

So cool

NotSwarajv25 months ago

This is one of the best projects i've seen on replit congrats its stunning, incredible and beautiful

MarcusWeinberger5 months ago

this is incredible!

NDcoder5 months ago


Mantaray065 months ago

k bro this is rad

pokemonjimmy5 months ago

So op and awesome

spranavkrishna5 months ago

and it is 10x better than google

spranavkrishna5 months ago

yo very good job very nice and dope search engine

LeviathanCoding5 months ago

Wow!! Very nice design and accuracy. Great Job!!

grrrtsr5 months ago


KasperG215 months ago

WOW! Inpressive! Better than the real google!

OXGaming5 months ago

cool and awesome

Pixl85 months ago

Would it be possible to change the native-ish app installer name in the bar of chrome from --explosion-- search? If so, how would I do it?

Roldmaster5 months ago

best repl ever

ShauryaSuryawan5 months ago


ontheroadtovote5 months ago

could you also add a video option?

ontheroadtovote5 months ago

awesomebut could you add a cached option?

vihaanchakrabar5 months ago

nice, but did you copy?

PVPSUSHI5 months ago

fix the text box being white and text being white as well itself

220723j5 months ago

why you, copy HTML5 of google or some search engine? pretty smart though.

tbmj245 months ago

This is so cool

matwan6795 months ago

rly great

xMisbahx5 months ago

also, how long did it take you to make this?

xMisbahx5 months ago

This. is. AMAZING. i love it!

MeharSinghSingh5 months ago

can i use this as a way so my school cant track me

JasmineGuo5 months ago

So I searched play dough, and there's a big stack of smooshed clay!

abefaerber5 months ago


INCOGNITO0015 months ago

cool. a bit slow...

hackercoodes5 months ago

now no one can check my search history. hehe

AryyanVineeth5 months ago


NindayCantik5 months ago

It was so cool

Align9895 months ago


eowe09655 months ago


ch1ck3n5 months ago