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i am epic8
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RPG game update 1
This is my Role Playing Game. You get to choose almost everything. Some things are set but it will be more open when you complete the main quest. Hope...
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# Megacode - UNSTABLE RELEASE Megacode is an edited version of Python that uses a custom Python module to make built-in Python functions easier to use...
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This is a very, VERY simple program. I just thought it would be cool to make a 'password' program. If you want me to add anything please tell me.
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Dice rolling sim
This is a dice rolling sim. It chooses a number then prints the 'dice' out on the screen (along with the number). Also I am teaching @cpiechocki (My l...
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Flask Tutorial How to Set it up!
# Flask - How to set it up When I wanted to make a website with python I know I wanted to use flask. But I didn't know how to set it up! This tutorial...
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How to add a polygott repl?
So I want to make a polygott repl, but when I search the languages, I cant find polygott. How can I make a polygott repl, if it is possible on repl.it...