Alternative Pac-Man
Alternative Pac-Man
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Alternative Pac-Man
Published on Oct 25, 2021Made with Kaboom

The beloved game from 1980 is back!Pac-Man is one of the most popular games to ever exist, so I decided to use the elements of Pac-Man so create an entirely different game ( that matches the theme ).

About the game:-As pellets drop in the box, your goal is to catch /eat them. Each pellet is worth 1 point. Also, each pellet you eat will increase your size (according to the difficulty level set). After a certain number of points, power pellets drop, which do not increase score but reset your size. If you catch/eat a power pellet, ghosts spawn which can kill you on touch. These will last for some seconds (again, according to the difficulty level set).Oh, and did I mention the borders are dangerous?

So yeah, DON'T GET HUGE!

Controls- WASD or arrow keys and space.

Note:- Play it in a new tab because the box will be the size of your output area, so it is technically impossible to last more than a few seconds in the apps output area.

Hope you enjoy!

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JohnSozigwa1 day ago

how tf do i play

SeamusDonahue2 days ago

This is really confusing and you shouldn't have to relaunch it to replay. make some sort of platform or something to start on so I don't instantly die.

pro0grammer3 days ago

how much more score do I need for power pallet to drop, I didn't got any at 21

CadenP13 weeks ago

my high score is 10 lol

DAYdrem1 month ago

this game is rigged

finneckman20111 month ago

i keep falling

UcheOnwuemena1 month ago

nice kiddo

hazi30202 months ago

Cant play bro it just fall and BOOM and relaunch and fall and BOOM and relaunch and repeat

marcogonzalez92 months ago

bro the ghosts make this so much harder great game tho

HBthePencil2 months ago

Mind if I put this on a multi-game repl I'm making? I will give credit.

sohamraj3 months ago

This is so hard but nice game!

gokhanipek3 months ago

how to play though? Pressing W but it keeps falling down and boom. And everytime I refresh the page I need to disable the music and sound effects :(

Yoplayer1py3 months ago

hm how bout a relaunch btn?

LenaAtReplit3 months ago

woah this is so hard!!! I like how you reworked a classic!