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Haha wow. I code, which is cool. I want to get better, but never know what to code lol
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Downgrade packages
I have been working on a discord bot in repl, and recently, discord.js was updated to v12, making a bunch of my code useless, so I was wondering if th...
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Bot Spam and Message not deleting
I am trying to make the bot delete the message '~countdown' (line 66) after it has sent and ran the command. For some reason, it doesn't delete, and i...
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Markdown and Talking from Console
In the meetyourmaker command in the arg folder, I would like to add markdown, without it being an embed, and I haven't found anywhere that says how I...
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Call variable from different function
I have a variable called 'roommate' declared in the function 'intro'. I cannot find anyway to use this in the function 'dayOne'. Does anyone have any...
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TypeError, and I don't know what to do with it!
I am making a discord bot with Node.js, and I am working on a command handler. I have a piece of code (see below) that is meant to run the command loa...
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Countdown Discord.js
I am trying to implement some code that will start a countdown in discord. I currently have it running into the console, but it doesn't work. I have m...
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Variable in re.compile
I'm trying to check whether a user inputted string matches a certain format, but one of the things I need is to pass a variable that has the length o...
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Global boolean variable
I'm trying to make a command depend on the usage of another command, and the only way I have thought of doing this is by using a global boolean variab...
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Prevent certain commands from being used until a controlling(?) command is used
The title pretty much says it all. In the meetyourmaker command in the arg folder, I can't find a way to make it so that when the meetyourmaker comman...