Folufela Oyewole

@DavidClone (15)
If I could code, I would. Discord is Goose#1114
  • Question: Ideas
    How do you guys get your project ideas? All I can think of are games, and I either forget or I never have the required skill level for executing them?
  • Python Graphics and Stuff
    Does anyone know how to add graphics to python code? I'm a noob at programming in general and I can't use PyGame since I don't think it supports Chrom
  • Coding Project
    So lately, I've been getting into text adventures and since the majority of them have a paywall to complete, I felt cheated. I want to create my own r
  • Class vs Function-(Python)
    Why does class exist when we have functions? I know how to create a class but I don't understand why we need to use class.
  • Project Help
    I joined a programming competition but I need an idea(python)! Can anyone share their knowledge with me?
  • LiveProject
    I need help! Whenever I am creating a document and I use append it says an error. image
  • Help with Python 2 .
    Can anyone help me ? So I'm working on a game for the game jam, and I made a function but every time I ran the function it kept returning the value of
  • My Game Jam
    Does anyone want to join my group for the game jam? Here's the link: .