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Rock, Paper, Scissors... In Python???
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@SharpCodeDev thank you, i have relisted it for you

2D Movement Sandbox Game with ZombsRoyale graphics.
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Can you tell me your relation with Infinite Studios

graphql queries
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@firefish lol tbh I've lost track of all things cycle related, I'm just drawn to repeated numbers and letters and stuff so happened to notice

global warming
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@TheModerator hi, your "facts" are completely incorrect and have no logical evidence supporting them. Global warming is caused by the greenhouse affect and the melting of the polar ice caps, and the positive feedback that this causes.

As the earth is polluted by burning fossil fuels, gasses like carbon dioxide and methane are produced. These (an more) are known as "greenhouse gasses" as when heat enters the earth's atmosphere, these gasses prevent all of this heat leaving. Thus, the average temperature of the earth increases, as not all of this heat is able to leave the atmosphere.

The heat increase melts the ice in the poles. These ice caps have methane stored in them from very very long times ago. This release of methane, further increases the greenhouse effect. This is where positive feedback comes in. As the world gets warmer, the ice melts. As the ice melts the greenhouse effect increases and thus the temperature increases. Then more ice caps melt and more greenhouse gasses are released etc.

Another factor to global warming is the increasing deforestation that is occurring. Trees, as we all know convert carbon dioxide to oxygen in photosynthesis (6C02 + 6H20 --> 6O2 + C6H12O6). Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. So as trees are destroyed, the average carbon dioxide level increases. And thus the average temperature increases.

We are not in an ice age at the moment, so that thing you said about ice ages is definitely invalid (maybe do some research about ice ages, they are pretty interesting).

Hope that helps you understand, because it took me like 20 minutes to write out for you!

a question game try it out
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Hi, we've unlisted this as it does not contain much code. If you add some more and then reply to this comment, we can take another look and may relist it.

2D Movement Sandbox Game with ZombsRoyale graphics.
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the proof is what I have already sent. If you cannot show any affiliation with that company, we must take it as you having not created this project

2D Movement Sandbox Game with ZombsRoyale graphics.
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@UnluckyFroggy we're going to need to see some proof of this, or it is yet another plagiarised game and will most likely result in you being banned again, permanently

2D Movement Sandbox Game with ZombsRoyale graphics.
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@UnluckyFroggy then why did you set the companyName field to "Infinite Studios"

2D Movement Sandbox Game with ZombsRoyale graphics.
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@UnluckyFroggy just because this code was made by a company called Infinite Studios

How can I make a custom embed for my website?
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basically just

<meta name="theme-color" content="#00cc00"><!-- embed colour -->

<meta property="og:title" content="Cactus Bot" /><!-- embed title -->
<meta property="og:type" content="website" />
<meta property="og:description" content="A fun discord bot where you live the life of a cactus and try to become the tallest!"/><!-- embed description -->
<meta property="og:image" content="/favicon.ico" /><!-- embed image -->
How can I make a custom embed for my website?
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meta tags

Cactus Simulator
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Thanks for 500 cycles!!!!


[ GAME ] Switcheroo
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btw cactus already beat me :(


Ask Me Anything
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What's your middle name?

Presenting... 🟠 Rolling Forests! 🌳 | Awesome 3D Infinite Runner
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hahahah yes

but now my fingers hurt :(

CC Fanclub Code Jams!
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@JBYT27 CACTUS has always been watching!

Why are repl.it's hot repls just games?
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The thing is really, is that it doesn't matter how many upvotes you are getting, it is just if you are happy with what you have coded. If you think what you have made is cool, then you share it so that you can show other people your cool project and then if someone else finds it cool. Then they upvote it so that other people can see what they think a is cool/fun/interesting project. The important bit, is that you are happy with the thing that you make, and if they don't see it, then that is their loss


Repl.it Classrooms
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@amasad Yeah the only reason I know that repl.it exists is because I was taught how to code using repl.it classrooms. I only really knew repl.it as a teaching website at that point, until I came across repl talk during the first lockdown last year. Repl talk got me pretty much addicted to coding, always wanting to make better things to share to everyone.

And your teachers know that the free version is also powerful?

Free version of teams for education? I was not aware that there is a free version, everywhere I look it comes up with a pricing page with the only options costing money.

MongoDB Template
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hey this is really good except that you have your connection url out in the open which is a massive vulnerability as anyone could just use it to edit your database. You should use a .env, see https://docs.replit.com/repls/secrets-environment-variables

Hollow - Season 1
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this is just a repost of all the other repls combined?

I need help for my 500 cycle special
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cactus squid lol

Portfolio Site
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@JDOG787 lily did the 3d and gradient stuff

Bye bye repl.it
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@CodeLongAndPros yeah, CodingCactus is some top quality animating software, you should really try it.

Repl.it Classrooms
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@amasad it takes a little while for your roles to update in the db, I'll force it to update now for you.

[ Game ] Anti-Social Mouse
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@Coder100 lol nice, which one?

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hi @programmeruser you reported this for plagiarising a tutorial, please provide the tutorial from which this is apparently copied

How to get rid of the .html part in a URL
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@bennyrobert no problem!

My Chat
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wow that is so cool

BOLDEN SEARCHEZZxX - The all new search engine!
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@AbdullaAl5 the problem is, you have upvoted every single post made by this @CaptinNeo kid, the only reason you were not banned with the other alt previously is because you appear to be a little active, so I was unsure about whether you were just friends or something.

However, you have not used that as a defence here, therefore showing to me that it did not cross your mind that you were friends. Your defence was to just completely deny the claim rather than coming up with any reason for the constant upvoting.

Therefore this account will be banned for being used to cycle farm and the @CaptinNeo will also be banned for repeated cycle farming after being warned about it previously.

If this is incorrect, email [email protected]