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Hi, I'm CodingAndMemes. I Code in HTML,CSS, Python and occasionally JS. I'm on the Polycloud team and I am loving it!
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Web Server Using Node.js
### Hello! This is my first tutorial, so if you find any mistakes or anything you want me to fix please say so in the comments! *** # How To Make A We...
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Pet My Virtual Dog!
I made this website about my dog(his name is Baskin) because during the COVID-19 pandemic we all need some joy in our lives. This dog(Baskin, as I sai...
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Login Screen
Username and Password U: lolheck P: password Try Different usernames and stuff. Adding text file in a bit
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Endless Horse
This is based off the website [endless.horse](https://endless.horse) and I just used ```python while True: ``` So, yeah!
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Submission for about:you;
this is my submission for the `about:you;` contest using HTML and CSS(maybe a little bit of JavaScript) **IF** I win this contest(im not saying I will...
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Discord.py getting error
So im getting this error in my discord bot, and I looked it up, and it turns out discord.py is outdated or something. I don't know how to import a mor...
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How to make an error page?
I would like to make an error page like [google’s](https://google.com/trsfdshdsfhgfghgdf) On my website, but I do not know how, a `.htaccess` filedoes...
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How to host a second website on top of one
So I am using heroku and was wondering, with repl can I add a url(for instance `secondwebsite.firstwebsite.herokuapp.com`) on top of that one?
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Multiple Choices[BETA](Game)
> You find yourself in a street, mysterious things happening. You are trying to be killed, choose the right choices or start over. [IN DEVELOPMENT] M...
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The Game[Beta]
a little game made in Python, I made this website along with it. Still in development! # [CLICK TO GO TO WEBSITE](https://the-game-website--codinga...