press enter to win (the game) [game] [c++] yay

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press enter to win (the game) [game] [c++] yay
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Created on May 20, 2021
Last published on May 29, 2021
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swrulebyself2 weeks ago

does this save?

3ViL1 month ago

i broke it

syflexer2 months ago

i broke the game it just wont work for me now

Writerfrighter2 months ago

U realize buying the more ram a few houndred times is better then buying the expensive stuff XD

OwenHart12 months ago


markverb12 months ago

1,025,734 Enters

Angelzeng2 months ago

I GOT 1,328 ENTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mollthecoder2 months ago

I pressed enter so long that the enters deviated their coding and became self aware.

AlexNASA20092 months ago

I got so many enters I think it destroyed the game!

AlexNASA20092 months ago

Balance: 1,088 Enters!

AlexNASA20092 months ago

my Balance: 1,088 PPE (Points Per Enter): PPS (Points Per Second): 5.

Whippingdot2 months ago


EjectMakes2 months ago

how do you buy items lmao

Coder1002 months ago

@Poetaetoes what you think

3 months ago