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Clément R

Website : Certified Discord Bot Developper. Developper of BuildShare (200k views Valheim Mod). HX1 Faidherbe - MPI*
  • Spicy Breath

    Cover page
    Made with Node.js

    KAJAM 2022 participation from three french computer science students at Faidhebre.

    LORE : An avalanche has blocked the entrance to your village. You must collect spices hidden in the dungeons to destroy it in any way you choose. Your pet can cast different spells depending on the combination of spices it has eaten.

    HOW TO MOVE ? : If you are on QWERTY, use WASD, on AZERTY, use ZQSD. Every key written on the screen are in AZERTY but in reality keys are "physicals" for example, if you read "A" and that you are on QWERTY, press "Q" (the equivalent of the A of AZERTY)

    CREDITS : Every textures are either from us or from assets packs. Some assets packs where free and the premium one where paid, nothing was stolen

    STUCK ON A PUZZLE ? Speak to the lady with green hair, she will give you the solution. If you're still stuck, contact me on discord :

    This was 1 week of hard-working, have fun !

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