• help me please XD
    well I want to create a bot that he already writes the tag how? for example, the person types !tags (and the tag she wants) and it already goes to the
  • help me pleaseee
    @client.command() async def Rpose(ctx, imagen): variavel = random.randit( f'',f'https:
  • help
    if != USER ID HERE: msg = client.get_message(message, await client.send_message(, message.con
  • Sadddd very very sad
    I deleted a script everything I didn't want, is there any command to go back? type q will return what i wrote?
  • need helpp
    Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? it's a command in python I'm doing for discord please i need help!! cod: @client.command() async def Yout