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Download Alegria.: Mexican Festival Vol. 6 Epub

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Alegria.: Mexican Festival Vol. 6 by Seiichi Kobayashi.
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「Paseo de San Isidro」

A traditional and religiously important festival is held annually in the town of "San Bartolomé Tlalteulco"
which is located about an hour's drive from Mexico City.
It is a festival to worship the patron saint of farmers "San Isidro" and pray for a good harvest.
The neighbors belong to each dance group, practice the dance and make costumes and
accessories to wear on holidays. In addition to using seeds to create altarpieces that hint at
agriculture, the ears of corn adorn flowers, chili peppers, and corn.
With the change of times, women who were previously not allowed to participate were also
recognized as members of the dance group.
The men dress in long skirts, white embroidered blouses or white frilly blouses, dance with masks
and wigs and parade through the city.

Seiichi Kobayashi (D

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