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Js not playing downloaded mp3 file
posted to Ask by AndrewKoch

woop.mp3 the audio you're attempting to play was not uploaded.

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Ayy, It's quite complicated for a single role though lol @SilentSerenity

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That's not how you fetch roles. @SilentSerenity is right. This is how you fetch roles:

array = [];
async def getuser(ctx, role: discord.Role):
    role = discord.utils.get(ctx.message.server.roles, name="mod")
    if role is None:
        await bot.say('There is no "mod" role on this server!')
    empty = True
    for member in ctx.message.server.members:
        if role in member.roles:
            await bot.say("{0.name}: {0.id}".format(member))
            empty = False
    if empty:
        await bot.say("Nobody has the role {}".format(role.mention))

You can do that than narrow down the specific person you're looking for with checking the position of which the array returns the user in.

if "USER ID" in array:
    # NOw you know that user has <role name>~
💥Bullet Hell💥
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Leave a code running 24/7
posted to Ask by Akoula123

If you have HACKER PLAN you can toggle a setting called always-on and will keep it running. Read more about it here

How do I redirect a replpage to another page
posted to Ask by abdelhamidAbual
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="time; URL=LINK" />

Replace 'time' with the amount of SECONDS you want until it does it, Replace 'LINK' (leave url= there) with the url of what you're redirecting to.

Ive been having some problems ....
posted to Ask by CyberHacker101

@CyberHacker101 Hey! This may be repl's side! Report is at https://replit.com/bugs

Guess The Number game but in Python!
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What program should I make?
posted to Ask by PYTHORE3605

Hello! I have a website for generating ideas. Feel free to use it anytime. https://code-suggester.tk

Running script
posted to Ask by abdelhamidAbual

Simply by using a decent website host. @abdelhamidAbual

Running script
posted to Ask by abdelhamidAbual

Hello. Pytnon files can not be used in a HTML, JS, CSS repl.

Canvas Color
posted to Ask by WilliamXing
.canvas { 
background-color: blue;
need to make my discord bot stay up
posted to Ask by TDR9000

Place at the bottom of your code, the code I gave above. Replace the empty ' ' with `'' and then go to uptime robot => Create Monitor => HTTPS => Friendly Name = Anything => URL = https://YOUR_REPL_NAME.YOUR_NAME.repl.co

Adding MARKDOWN To Websites
posted to Tutorials by Codemen

Some CSS can also make it markdown without using markdown code!

body {
// code hereree
Tambertale Site
posted to Ask by VixCoder

Line 6 of the code you'll see:


Change the E-Commerence title, to your preferred title!

Im bored and I need ideas for repls (python)
posted to Ask by srsly

Tic Tac Toe :) also my website gives code suggestions Here

You know what repl could use? This
posted to Ask by dontbanmeplz

I agree.

How can you keep a repl running 24/7?
posted to Ask by CodyMarkix

Hacker plan or go to uptime robot, create a monitor, type should be HTTP and the name is anything. the url should be https://repl_name.your_name.repl.co

Repl.it: Package operation failed. With Pygame
posted to Ask by QubicQuantun

Repl sometimes has issues installing large packages. Report it here and leave your opinion on it here

dark mode?
posted to Ask by ekebab

Dark mode is a thing. Go to "settings" It's a gear on the left side of your screen, or on mobile it is at the bottom under commands.

Now, you'll see a bunch of things. Find theme and select dark

Can someone tell me about the DB hacking on Repl.it?
posted to Ask by tussiez

This is why something a like a .env file should hold the URL. @programmeruser

How do I create another .cpp file?
posted to Ask by CattusChief55

Make a github project, give it NO FILE, go to https://repl.it/github and insert it. It will ask you for the language. Select c++ or c and then, dont name a file main.cpp and you can have 0 files OR have files that are all deleteable/removeable. HOWEVER, I believe main.cpp and index.cpp will both be counted as the main file! @CattusChief55

Is there a way to run the code without seeing it?
posted to Ask by DanHowe

Automatically run. @DanHowe

Is there a way to run the code without seeing it?
posted to Ask by DanHowe

Make a private repl (if you have hacker plan) or make a http server and give people the ".co" link, try this:

from http.server import BaseHTTPRequestHandler, HTTPServer
import time

hostName = "localhost"
serverPort = 8080

class MyServer(BaseHTTPRequestHandler):
    def do_GET(self):
        self.send_header("Content-type", "text/html")
        self.wfile.write(bytes("<html><head><title>Example</title></head>", "utf-8"))
        self.wfile.write(bytes("<p>Request: %s</p>" % self.path, "utf-8"))
        self.wfile.write(bytes("<body>", "utf-8"))
        self.wfile.write(bytes("<p>This is an example web server.</p>", "utf-8"))
        self.wfile.write(bytes("</body></html>", "utf-8"))

if __name__ == "__main__":        
    webServer = HTTPServer((hostName, serverPort), MyServer)
    print("Server started http://%s:%s" % (hostName, serverPort))


to make a http server. Then you will see a link that looks like: https://REPLNAME.DanHowe.repl.co, After that go to UptimeRobot and login/signup. Now click 'Create a monitor', Change the type to 'HTTP' Paste the link inside: IP/URL and make the name anything you want. Make the monitor time 10 minutes.

Hope this helps.

Can anybody join my team
posted to Ask by miteshgokani19

Well... I'm currently making some big projects by joining random teams from random people on the internet.... @Coder100

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ngl mate, thats amazing! hopefully you stay safe! :)

Mixing Languages
posted to Ask by AloegelhiPlaysR

I'll definitely still be around repl tho! :) Have a good one and stay safe. @InvisibleOne

I need help with this code...
posted to Ask by albas99

Instead of let checkout do: const checkout = form.checkout;

Anyone wanna join the team
posted to Ask by HPD1155

I know js if that helps.