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There are over 1M words in the English language, but I can't string a length of words to show how much I love coding. -Me to my LASS teacher
BEAN language
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If this comment reaches 10 upvotes I will officially name this language the bean language

How to run another python file (not the ?
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  1. create a new file with (name).py
  2. write your code in it
  3. go to main
  4. import (name)
  5. use functions in file : (name).(function)(parameters)
Im bad at Java oof
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"I'm bad at Java"
proceeds to write program at my level

How do you plan your code?
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  1. Think about something to code (You will encounter stupid ideas)
  2. Break down ideas into smaller ideas
  3. Code everything you know
  4. go do 10 ask posts and wait 2 days for answers
  5. complete code and get 10 upvotes
    That's what I do.
BEAN language
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Anyone know any good names for this language?

Quick game I made
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How was the snake game made so short yet so better than mine

I created a hangman game, but it won't work, can someone help me?
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Don't think this is how hangman works. I made mine in 50 lines. Try using lists to help.

A leader board of the top 100 users and info on them!
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what is that at the end of favorite languages?

2 Player Tic-Tac-Toe
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@syflexer yes you can because I believe in you.
also it's pretty simple you can copy chunks of my code if you want.

MaxDonalds: McDonalds Simulator
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error when you finish eating

I find the best strat is to clean teeth/season +toilet and then annihilate the food.

Deal or No Deal
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I have no idea what I am doing when I played this game, you should add a tutorial at the beginning to help players like me.

I have a bad operand type error for binary operator '=='. I can't see the problem.
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I am a novice at java, but if you are checking for character, use single quotations instead of double quotations

Inus 1.07
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Tell us any ideas you have for future stuff!

Real 3D — 3D But it's actually not fake
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This is amazing!
One suggestion I have is that when you use colors, to make the edges visible with a different color.
This is amazing!
Did I say this was amazing?

Atom Builder
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@Coder100 Thank You!

Atom Builder
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@ZDev1 What do you mean?
Can you send a picture?

How do I make the code stop after three guesses
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put the guesses variable outside of the loop, because every time you go through the loop guesses is reset to 0

🌃🌙 The Dark Dark Forest (The New and Improved!) 🌃🌙
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Can you make it so that you stay in locations longer and you can suffer buffs/debuffs for being in locations?

probem for installing tkinter package
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You have to use python with Tkinter and not 2.7 python
For this to work you have to create a new repl

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@Egghead21 ಠ_ಠ

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@MoreFlameFire63 There is username and password plus first name and last name, are you confusing them up?

Please help me with my program
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the code says
"print("stop forking our code")"

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you can use threading so that you don't have to wait for input and rush the player
here is the answer (look in comments)

why cant i import pygame
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use python with pygame not python

how do i get result and console buttons on my screen
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don't use python use python with turtle. you have to create a new

My friend told me to put an ask post to "unban him"
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@Grify OK I understand

Where to learn
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Learn Page? Python documentation? Mess around?

can you please help a random 12 year old on the internet??
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you can make a file with username list, you then check if the username is in there and use information from that and put it into your code.
you can use readchar() to get an instant input of 1 letter, which you can use for a code like in nitrotype. Point system is easy, just have a variable and when you get the right thing just += 1 the variable.

VERY new to Python. Anyone can help?
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hmmmm, I wonder what I can learn on the learn page

React project give me error
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you do realize you can attach the program and not a screenshot of it