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AdrianTang (13)
Python turtle tron
This game works like half the time and I'm not really sure why but sometimes you can win and sometimes you can't. But if you play for long enough, you...
AdrianTang (13)
Alphamorse, My own ciphering method
So this is my own method of ciphering text. I am interested in ciphers and stuff and challenged myself to code different methods of cipher text starti...
AdrianTang (13)
This is my own method of ciphering text. It turns text to morse code than turns it back into text where every letter is a dot or a dash.
AdrianTang (13)
Number displayer in lolcode
I'm normally a python person, but the syntax of lolcode makes me want to do something with it. So I made a really simple program that displays numbers...
AdrianTang (13)
Fibonacci and Lucas numbers displayer
Here is a fibonacci and lucas number displayer to the nth term inputed by the user.